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Popular Word Combinations
  • 5K To 26.2
  • 26.2 Full Crazy
  • Dream Achieve 26.2
  • Strength Courage 26.2
  • Full Strength 26.2
  • Live Impossible 26.2
Product Description:

When you run a 26.2 marathon, you are setting your roots in ancient histories. The first modern olympic games began in Athens. Greek runners believed the footrace honored the Greek god, Hermes; the messenger of Mount Olympus. You have the glow, adrenaline flow, and beaming smile of a Grecian royal when you finish a race like this. Now you can honor and celebrate your Olympian endurance and strength with a 26.2 pendant.

Each word brick is designed to slide over one of our 212 west stems to allow for personalization of word choices. Every word brick will vary in width based on the length of the word, which gives each three word combination a different look. This variation in width and word choice, along with three different color choices, gives each pendant its' own unique style and character.

  • All products are proudly made in America.
  • All products are lead-free pewter casted.
  • Each word is plated in one of our three burnished finishes:
    • Bronze- gold tone
    • Copper- rose tone
    • Pewter- silver tone
  • Free shipping on all orders $20 or more in the US. For Canada a $6.00 shipping fee is applied.
  • Orders are shipped within 1-2 business days via USPS.
  • A confirmation email will be sent with each order filled. 

11 mm width x 6 mm height x 5 mm depth

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