212 west jewelry is a fresh, new way to make a statement. Shop our Lookbook  for style inspiration or build your own!

Introducing our new one word necklace. Chose your favorite word and color combination in our Build Your Own section. 

One word necklaces $24.00 (chain, stem and one word), Three word necklaces $39.00 (chain, stem and 3 words), Bracelets with 3 words $29.00 (leather wrap and 3 words) Enjoy free shipping on all orders $20 or more.

Personalize It

We created our personalized, interchangeable jewelry so you can give others a piece of who you are without saying a word.

212 west chains

STEP 1: Choose a Chain

212 west stems

STEP 2: Select a Stem

212 west word bricks

STEP 3: Pick 3 Words

STEP 1: Choose a Leather Strap

STEP 2: Choose Your Word Bricks

You've created your own Customized Bracelet